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Welcome to our eye clinic. Dr Swati Sathe is a Consultant  Ophthalmologist  And Contact lens Specialist  In  Koregaon Park in Pune. This eye and contact lens specialist clinic is well equipped with latest eye care equipment to provide best  eye care services .

This Contact Lens Specialist Clinic has earned reputation for offering the comprehensive range of eye care services and dispensing leading brands of contact lens products . The contact lens products include daily and monthly disposable lenses .

The Contact Lens Clinic offers best offers on leading most trusted contact lens brands which include Bausch & lomb , Johnson & Johnson , Alcon and Cooper vision.

Advantages Of Contact Lenses

The Contact Lenses are increasingly becoming popular and offers many advantages. The Contact lens gives much wider and unobstructed field of vision.

For someone , the contact lens are the first choice due to cosmetic reasons which gives gives a much better look and the comfort of vision without spectacle.    

Advantages Of Contact Lenses

How To Wear And Remove Contact Lenses ?

It is advisable for the first time contact lens user to learn the correct technique under expert guidance . It makes a big difference for first time lens users to learn the right technique for wearing the lenses.

Your contact lens specialist eye doctor will guide to step-by-step to try and practice these steps till the time you are comfortable and confident of wearing and removing the lenses on your own. 

How to Wear Contact Lenses ?

How to Remove Contact Lenses ?

Contact Lens Types

The contact lens market is flooded with number of products which is often confusing for first time users . Different types of contact lenses are available that includes soft lenses , RGP ( Rigid Gas Permeable )  lens , daily disposable and extended period usable lenses . It is important for contact lens user to take care these lenses as recommended by your eye doctor . 

Contact Lens Best Brands

In consultation with your contact lens specialist eye doctor , you can select the appropriate lens type and brand .Depending upon the type of contact lens It is important to buy the contact lenses from company authorized retail outlet to avoid the problems associated with cheap products .

Avail best offers on Bausch & Lomb , Johnson & Johnson , Alcon And Cooper Vision Contact Lenses 

Contact Lenses - FAQ

Contact Lenses - Frequently Asked Questions

Most new users initially might find it rather difficult. However, with correct training by given by a qualified doctor, the user can quickly get used to comfortably wear and remove the contact lenses.

The contact lens price depends upon the contact lens type and the brand. Please contact us to get the best current offer.

The contact lens from the reputed brand might cost slightly more but offer complete value for money.

The disposable lenses are very comfortable. Most doctors highly recommend disposable contact lenses to their patients.

Since the disposable lenses are discarded after its use and there is need to store these lenses using the contact lens solution.

After conducting the necessary tests, your eye doctor will recommend you the most suitable correct size of the contact lenses that would  a perfect fit for your eyes.

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