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Progressive Glasses

What Are Progressive Glasses ?

How To Select Perfect Pair Of Progressive Glasses ?

Progressive glasses are the latest generation of spectacle lenses, especially those prescription lenses custom made to correct the refractive error that affects normal vision. Progressive spectacle lenses work best for people who are using bifocal glasses for their distant and near vision needs.

Progressive glasses are prescription lenses that can help you clearly see distant, intermediate, and near-sighted objects. Your eye doctor would perform an eye number test to find out the number of prescription lenses based on your vision needs.

Most people who upgrade from bifocal glasses to progressive glasses find them very comfortable, presentable, and provide much better quality of vision. These glasses might initially cost more as compared to single-vision and bifocal glasses but provide excellent value for money. Essilor lenses are considered the gold standard and offer a wide range of progressive lenses.

Progressive Glasses , Progressive Lens , Multifocal Lens

Prescription glasses are those that your eye doctor has prescribed to correct the refractive error that is causing your vision problems.

Dr. Swati Sathe 's Eye Clinic

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Welcome to our eye clinic . Dr Swati Sathe is Consultant  Ophthalmologist , Eye Specialist  And Practicing Eye Surgeon  In  Koregaon Park in Pune. This eye specialist clinic is well equipped with latest eye care equipment to provide the best  eye care services. 

The Clinic offers wide range of options for prescription progressive lenses. Essilor lenses are one of the most reputed brands for progressive prescription lenses.

Bifocal Vs Progressive

Advantages Of Progressive Glasses

Progressive lenses offer numerous advantages as compared to other type of spectacle lenses. However, it is important to note that the accuracy and outcome depends on many factors. Progressive glasses are a highly specialist job as compared to any other type of prescription lenses.

Further, progressive glasses may require a short adaptation period due to the gradual power change transition within the lens. Some wearers may experience slight distortions or a learning curve in finding the right spot for optimal vision. However, with time and practice, most people adjust well to progressive lenses and enjoy the benefits they provide.

Progressive glasses, also known as multifocal lenses, offer several advantages over bifocal glasses:

Advantages Of Progressive Lenses , Superior Progressive Lenses

Progressive glasses, are also popularly known as multifocal lenses, offer several advantages over bifocal glasses:

1. Smooth And Seamless Transition

Progressive lenses provide a smooth and continuous transition of lens power from the top to the bottom of the lens. There are no visible lines or abrupt changes in lens power, which makes the transition between different vision distances more natural and comfortable. Bifocal glasses, on the other hand, have a visible line that separates the near and distance segments, creating a noticeable change in vision when transitioning between the two areas.

2. Intermediate Vision Correction

Progressive lenses offer an additional intermediate zone for clear vision at arm’s length distance, which is useful to see objects at intermediate distances. For example, tasks such as working on a computer, reading music sheets, or using a smartphone. Whereas, bifocals typically only provide correction for near and distance vision, so intermediate vision may not be adequately addressed.on lenses.

3. Enhanced Aesthetics

Progressive lenses have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance compared to bifocals. The absence of visible lines on the lenses makes them look like regular single-vision glasses. This subtle and seamless design is particularly desirable for individuals who wish to avoid the distinct look associated with bifocal lenses.iption lenses.

4. Adaptability And Convenience

Progressive glasses eliminate the need to switch between different pairs of glasses. Wearers can seamlessly shift their gaze to view objects at varying distances without needing to remove or change their eyewear. This convenience makes progressive lenses more practical for everyday activities that involve frequent changes in focus, such as driving, reading, or using digital devices.

5. Smooth Peripheral Vision

Progressive lenses provide clear vision not only in the central area but also in the periphery of the lenses. This allows wearers to see objects from the sides without having to turn their heads significantly. Bifocals, on the other hand, typically offer limited peripheral vision, as the near and distance segments occupy different areas of the lens.

Eye Tests

What Kind Of Tests Are Performed For Progressive Glasses ?

Your eye specialist doctor would perform a number of tests depending on your age, vision problems, symptoms, the results of a routine eye examination, and other factors. These tests are necessary to precisely diagnose the health condition of your eye and the causes that have affected your normal vision.

The following tests are performed by your eye doctor to diagnose your vision problem and to find out the lens number, lens features, and specifications needed to offer the best results. Further, progressive lens fitting and marking of the pupal centre is another important aspect that requires high professional skills to deliver the best results.

Spectacle Number Test , Visual Acuity Test

When Do You Need Progressive Glasses ?

Our eye works as an autofocus camera, and depending on the object to be seen, our eye automatically focuses on the object, which allows us to see distant and near objects with clarity. However, as we grow older and also due to hereditary factors, our normal vision is affected as the eye tends to reduce its auto-focusing ability.

Most people initially need single-vision glasses that allow them to see either distant objects or near objects clearly, depending on the type of lenses used to correct their vision. However, most people also need reading glasses as they grow older, which typically happens after 40 years of age.

Eye Anatomy , Eye Health

People with distant as well as near vision needs mostly use bifocal spectacle lenses. However, the bifocal lenses have some major limitations. For example, bifocal lenses bifurcate the spectacle lens into two zones to handle distant and near vision needs. Bifocal lenses are not designed to correct refractive errors that affect intermediate vision. Progressive lenses solve this problem.

Eye Number Test, Myopia And Hyperopia ,Myopia , Nearsightedness

Progressive glasses are the most recent type of spectacle lenses, particularly those developed to address refractive errors that impair normal vision. Progressive spectacle lenses are ideal for people who wear bifocal spectacles for both distant and near vision.

Progressive glasses are prescription lenses that can help you view faraway, intermediate, and close-up objects clearly. An eye number test would be performed by your eye doctor to determine the number of prescription lenses required to meet your vision demands.

Most people who switch from bifocal spectacles to progressive glasses find them to be more comfortable, presentable, and provide significantly superior vision. These glasses are initially more expensive than single-vision and bifocal spectacles. Essilor lenses are the gold standard and offer a wide range of progressive options.

How Much Progressive Glasses Cost ?

The cost of progressive glasses can vary depending on many factors such as the brand, the quality of the lenses, and any additional features or coatings. Special progressive lenses are also available such as photochromatic lenses that effectively function as goggles or shades.

On average, progressive glasses can range in price from around $100 to $400 or more depending upon the choice of lens and features. It is recommended to visit your eye doctor to get an accurate and personalized cost estimate based on your specific needs and preferences.

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