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Welcome to our eye clinic . Dr Swati Sathe is Consultant  Ophthalmologist, Eye Specialist  And Practicing Eye Surgeon  In  Koregaon Park in Pune. This eye specialist clinic is well equipped with latest eye care equipment to provide best  eye care services. 

The Clinic has earned reputation for offering comprehensive eye care health services, which includes the routine eye check-up, eye number check-up, computerized eye checkup, contact lenses, spectacle frames and  spectacle lenses , Cataract  Surgery , Glaucoma Treatment and other eye related care.

Get Yourself A Perfect Pair Of Glasses

There are four important components which makes a perfect pair of glasses.

  1.   Perfect Refraction  –   Your Spectacle Lens Number.
  2.   Perfect Frame  –   Comfortable And Correct size of Spectacle Frame.
  3.   Perfect Spectacle Lens  –   Lens tailor made  to your spectacle lens number.
  4.   Perfect Spectacle Lens Fitting  –  Fitting will ensure correct positioning of lens.

Perfection Is Our Commitment

The refraction test that will tell your eye doctor what is the prescription lens you should use in order to have normal 20/20 vision. The Refraction is science and also an art . At Dr Swati Sathe’s Eye Clinic , we understand this crucial component .

It is our professional commitment to ensure that you get a perfect pair of eye glasses which will match your looks , clarity of vision and budget.

Spectacle Number Test , Visual Acuity Test

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Spectacle Frames And Lenses - Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

A perfect pair of glasses can significantly improve the quality and clarity of your vision. And therefore, buying a perfect pair of glasses is a good investment and worth every penny you spend.

Similarly, any discomfort due to wrong pair of glasses can lead to eye strain, imperfect vision, focusing problems, headache and other such issues.

In odder to get perfect pair of glasses, you need to ensure four important components that makes a perfect pair of glasses. These four factors are :

Perfect Refraction  –   Your Spectacle Lens Number.

Perfect Frame  –   Comfortable And Correct size of the Spectacle Frame.

Perfect Spectacle Lens  –   Lens tailor made  to your spectacle lens number.

Perfect Spectacle Lens Fitting  –  Fitting will ensure correct positioning of lens.

The prescription glasses or prescription lenses are defined as lenses that are tailormade for you as per the eye number test performed by your eye doctor.

This is first and most important step in getting the correct pair of glasses. Your eye doctor will perform both manual eye refraction test as well as computerized eye number test to ensure correct prescription number.

Any errors in the refraction eye test or incorrect number results in the auto-refractometer test can cause wrong pair of glasses and complete waste of money.

And therefore, it is important to get your eye number test done by a qualified eye doctor ( Ophthalmologist ).   

Different types of spectacle frames are plastic frames, metallic frames, rigid frames, flexible frames, full rim frames , half rim frames, rimless frames.

Each of these categories of frames comes with its pros and cons. Depending upon your personal preferences you can select any frame that fits into your style and budget.

However, the frame selection also depends upon the type and the prescription number of your spectacle lenses. Please consult your eye doctor while selecting the correct type and the size of the spectacle frame.

Different types of spectacle lenses are available. There are two main types of lenses which include the glass lenses and the plastic lenses.

The glass lenses are relatively cheaper as compared to the plastic lenses. The glass lenses are brittle and are more prone for chipping, scratches and breakage. The glass lenses are not considered safe in the event of any accident.

Whereas, the plastic lenses are relatively expensive as compared to the glass lenses. The plastic lenses are not brittle and does not crack easily.

The plastic spectacle lenses offer much better resistance to the chipping, scratches and breakage.

The plastic spectacle lenses are considered relatively safe in the event of any accident. The polycarbonate lenses are considered the best and the most premium option for spectacle lenses.

The Essilor is the most reputed and the largest international brand in terms of its market share in the world.

The Essilor is a 170 years old French company that offers best in its class prescription lenses trusted by billions of people worldwide.

This clinic offers complete range of Essilor prescription lenses at most competitive prices. Contact us to know the best offers.

The spectacle frames can be broadly categorized into two types which includes branded frames and unbranded frames.

The branded frames are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure the final finished quality of the spectacle frames. The branded frames come with company warranty and authenticity card.

Whereas, the unbranded frames are product of sourced from unknown manufactures.  For unbranded frames product quality and warranty cannot be assured.

Some of the most reputed spectacle brands include Gucci, Ray ban, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Tommy, Versace, Burberry, Steppers and other such international brands.

The leading spectacle lens brands also offer a choice of special lens coating for the prescription lenses such as blue light protection, UV protection, anti-glare coating and  anti-reflection coating.

Depending upon your personal preferences, the lens brand and product, you can select the special coating in consultation with your eye doctor.

All the prescription glasses must be used very carefully to maintain the quality of the vision and to ensure the extended life of the lens.

The spectacle lenses must be cleaned with special lens cleaning solution and the soft satin cloth usually comes with the lenses.

 Needless to say, cleaning with any rough cloth or rubbing on your cloth can easily spoil your expensive lenses.

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