Eye Checkup

Eye Check-Up

Routine Comprehensive Eye Examination

The eye checkup, or routine eye check-up, is the most common and recommended eye test for your eye examination. The eye is a vital and fairly complex organ of the human body.

A healthy eye can give you the comfort and pleasure of perfect vision. However, in today’s daily routine, our eyes are exposed to pollution, stressful working conditions, eye fatigue due to prolonged device usage, lifestyle and poor nutrition.

Prolonged exposure to these conditions can adversely affect the health of your eyes over a period of time. This might lead to some eye-related disorders affecting your vision. It is important to protect and take care of your eye with periodic regular check-ups in consultation with your eye specialist doctor (ophthalmologist).

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Your doctor might recommend you get routine eye tests and some additional special eye tests depending upon the patient’s eye problem, age, symptoms, and other factors. The main objective of the routine eye check-up and eye tests is to diagnose the early symptoms any eye disease and initiate the treatment to protest your eyes.

Dr. Swati Sathe 's Eye Clinic

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Welcome to our eye clinic . Dr Swati Sathe is a Consultant  Ophthalmologist , Eye Specialist  And Practicing Eye Surgeon  In  Koregaon Park in Pune, MS, India. This eye specialist clinic is well equipped with latest eye care equipment to provide the best  eye care services.

The clinic offers comprehensive range of eye care services such routine eye check-up, visual acuity test ( eye number test, prescription glasses , contact lances, glaucoma treatment, cataract surgery and treatment of other  eye diseases.

How Eye Works ?

It’s interesting to understand about the human eye and how it operates. Our eye is one of the most vital and complex organs in our body. Understanding how the eye works will help you get the most out of the information on this page and communicate effectively with your eye doctor. Knowing this information may help you comprehend the significance of various eye tests that may be required in your case.

Why Do You Need Eye Checkup ?

There are many eye diseases where early symptoms of the eye disease are not noticeable to the person affected. For example, in glaucoma, most patients fail to notice the early symptoms of glaucoma.

However, as the disease progresses, the normal vision of the person is affected, and the patient is constrained to approaching and consulting the eye doctor regarding his eye problem. In some cases, the damage to the eye and affected vision becomes irreversible due to late diagnosis. It is important to reduce the further progression of the eye disease.

Eye Number Test , Visual Acuity Test , Computerized Eye Test , Vision Test

Lifestyle constraints, such as high usage of television, mobile devices, and computers, are a major risk factor that can affect normal vision. Unhealthy lifestyles and nutritional deficiencies can further affect eye health.

Your eye doctor, during your routine check-up, can diagnose the early symptoms of many potential diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment as advised by your eye doctor can help you protect your vision.

What Is Eye Checkup ?

A routine eye checkup or eye examination is a set of eye tests performed by your eye doctor ( ophthalmologist ) during a periodic comprehensive eye examination. Both adults and children should visit the eye doctor at least once a year.

A routine eye exam and various eye tests would allow your eye doctor to closely examine your eye health and diagnose early symptoms of any eye disease. Periodic eye check-ups can help you protect your or your child’s vision with early diagnosis and treatment.

Correct Spectacle Lens Number , Eye Checkup , vision test

Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and other eye conditions may necessitate more frequent monitoring of the existing eye disease, its progression, and the effectiveness of treatment. 

Routine Eye Check-up

What Is The Scope Of Routine Eye Check-up ?

Most people visit an eye doctor due to symptoms like severe eye strain, irritation in the eye, headache, difficulty focusing the eye and other such eye-related conditions.

Your eye doctor (ophthalmologist) performs a variety of eye tests during the comprehensive routine eye check-up. Most routine eye examinations include slit-lamp tests, fundoscopy tests, visual acuity tests ( eye number tests), and dilated eye tests.

The routine eye checkup is advisable for all age groups which usually includes the following eye tests.

Non Contact Tonometer , Eye Pressure Test

Depending upon the findings of the routine eye tests and your eye problem, your eye doctor might advise you to take a few special eye tests. These special eye tests might include eye pressure tests (NCT eye tests) , visual field tests (perimetry tests), and optical coherence tomography (OCT eye tests).

Eye Checkup Tests

Eye Checkup

You Might Need Few Special Eye Tests

Depending upon the findings of the routine eye tests and your eye problem, your eye doctor might advise you to take a few additional special eye tests. The special eye tests might include eye pressure tests (NCT eye test) , visual field tests (Perimetry test), and optical coherence tomography (OCT eye test).

Perimetry Test , Visual Field Test , Dr Swati Sathe Eye Clinic

Perimetry Eye Test

A visual field test ( perimetry ) is prescribed to the patient to detect the loss of peripheral vision under certain medical conditions such as glaucoma.

Non Contact Tonometry , NCT Eye Test , Eye Pressure Test, Dr Swati Sathe Eye Clinic

Non Contact Tonometry

A tonometry ( NCT ) test measures the pressure inside your eye, which is called intraocular pressure. Used to diagnose the glaucoma.

Optical Coherence Tomography , OCT Eye Test , Dr Swati Sathe Eye Clinic

OCT Eye Test

Optical coherence tomography ( OCT ) is a non-invasive imaging test. OCT uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina.

Children Eye Checkup

Routine Eye Check-up For Children

Poor eyesight in children caused by near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other vision disorders can cause learning challenges and reduced reading skills, interfering with your child’s development.

Regular eye check-ups can ensure that children’s eyes are normal and healthy, which can help them improve their academic performance and games.

Around 80% of learning is visual, so it is vital for children to have clear, binocular, and equal vision in both eyes from an early age. Parents may be unaware of numerous conditions that influence their child’s vision.

Eye Check-up For Children , Children Eye Exam

Children, particularly pre-schoolers, must have routine check-ups. Children of this age group, unlike older children, cannot offer us signals of diminished eyesight. A screening check can detect any eye problem, such as myopia.

Early diagnosis and treatment of myopia can help your child avoid further progression of myopia and treatment with visual stimulating activities.

Perimetry Test, Visual Field Test , Eye Checkup - Special Eye Tests , Tonometry , Eye Pressure Test

Eye Checkup FAQ

Eye Checkup - Frequently Asked Questions

It is a good and safe practice to regularly get your eyes checked by your eye specialist doctor ( Ophthalmologist ) . Not all eye related disorders alert you with symptoms and thus such conditions can be diagnosed during your periodic checkup. 

The routine eye checkup is performed by your eye doctor either during your periodic eye checkup Or when you approach your eye doctor with specific problem . Most common problems include  difficulty in reading , eye strain , lack of clarity in vision , headache and other such symptoms . 

Your eye doctor during your checkup will perform Slit-Lamp Test , Refraction to check your vision , Auto-Refraction to measure your spectacle lens number with the help of computerized instrument Auto-Refractometer and eye pressure test . These tests will help your eye doctor for preliminary diagnoses .

Depending upon the eye condition  and preliminary diagnosis , your eye doctor might advice you to take few more special tests for precise diagnosis and treatment.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to spot the eye related issues with their child . Most children especially at younger age might not be able to express their vision problem .

However symptoms such as difficulty in reading and inability to focus in studies , frequent headache and lack of concentration could be eye related issue with your child .

It becomes difficult for some parents to accept the fact that their child is struggling with eye related issue which needs to be addressed at the earliest with the help and advice by your eye doctor .

Not all eye related issues leads to glasses glasses for your child  . As advised by your eye doctor , some issues can be resolved with the help of eye exercises at early age in your child .

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